Wood Fired Pork Spit Roast


  • Butt/Leg of Pork


Position pork section on the spitbar with SSL Spike.

Rub a small amount of olive or cooking oil over the skin to wet the surface.

Rub in a small amount of salt over the skin.

The pork should be cooked slowly with low to medium heat and the objective is to cook the meat through but leave the crackle predominantly brown but not crackling.

Finishing the crackle:

Swing the product away from the heat source and switch off the motor.

Swing the spitbar back into a hot section of the heat without the motor on, in 3-8 seconds the pork crackle will blister and expand until golden brown, swing away again, turn on motor, rotate and repeat the procedure for all sections of the pork crackle.

*Care should be taken as the pork crackle can expand very quickly and can burn in a matter of seconds, as soon as the desired amount of crackle is achieved swing the spitbar away again.


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