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The Auspit cooking system is designed to cook almost anything anywhere to its traditional finest. The range of food product extends from entrees and snack to main meals, vegetables, even some new desserts you've never heard of.

Our design concepts are unique worldwide and will give you the leanest fat content in the cooking process producing the finest flavours.

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Heat Ratings

Heat source can be wood or solid fuel beads and is intended only as a guide.

Open Fire

  • Low heat: 250 - 300mm from heat source
  • Medium Heat: 150 - 250mm from heat source
  • High Heat: 100 - 150mm from heat source
  • Keep warm: 400 - 450mm from heat source
  • Bread proving: 500 - 600mm from heat source



  • Low heat: 150mm directly above the firetray
  • Medium Heat: 100mm directly above the firetray
  • High Heat: 50mm directly above the firetray
  • Keep warm: 200mm directly above the firetray
  • Bread proving: 200mm off to the side of the firetray 

The Fire Source


Key Tips

  • Never leave a spit cooking unattended, if you do, make it brief.
  • An "ideal heat" has been achieved when surface fats or juices are gently bubbling.
  • If a meat product starts to reduce in size, stop immediately, it is cooked and is now drying and toughening.
  • Practice is the key to good wood fired spit roasting. 

A note on Wood fires

Any product cooked on a wood fire is subject to:

Convected heat - this is heat that is rising directly off and above the heat source containing smoke, burnt gases, flame and high amounts of heat. 

Radiant heat - produced from the coals, this heat is transferred through the air producing a sterile clean heat but not transferring any flavours to the product. The ideal requirements for spit roasting are good radiant heat, small amounts of flavour enhancing smoke and a simple formula of 70% radiant heat, 30% convected heat.

Therefore the ideal location for the spit bar is slightly off to one side of the heat source gaining predominantly clean radiant heat and picking up small sections of smoke producing a perfect flavoured golden roast meat or vegetable.

Heat source: Wood

Use only dry cured natural cut timber where possible, wet or green wood will give poor radiant heat and undesirable partially burnt gases and very strong smoke which can destroy the flavour of your product when spit roasting.

Each type of wood produces varying degrees of smoke strength, pine will give a lighter flavour and our NZ favourite, Manuka or Kanuka will give a stronger flavour.

Experiment with differing woods. Hardwoods will burn longer and hotter, but best results will always be achieved with good dry wood.

Heat Source: Barbecue Briquettes

Made from coal, these are convenient where an open type fire is not applicable or wood is not available. Producing a clean radiant heat, try placing small amounts of dry sticks or wood occasionally off to one side to burn with the beads, this again will enhance your product flavour. This is the fuel to use in our Firetray.

Heat Source: LPG

Again convenient where solid fuel is not available. If possible place a small tin of sawdust suitably located in the oven, the idea is to gain enough heat for the sawdust to smoulder but not turn to flame and burn; you should be left with a slightly burnt ash in the tin. We have BBQ Adaptors (horizontal & vertical) available in our store to support the Auspit Spit System. 


The Auspit Outdoor Rotisserie Grill System can be used at home, on Hunting and Fishing trips, Camping, and in areas where an open or ground fire is not practical.

This can be achieved by the use of a tray or steel container, or even better one of our stainless steel Firetrays or Firedishes.



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