Meat & BBQ Thermometer

This is a good quality thermometer that can read up to approx. 360℃, so is also suitable as a replacement for a broken thermometer on your hooded BBQ. It comes with a threaded wing nut on the back so that it can be inserted into the existing hole in the hood and tightened by hand.

Can be used both inserted and left in the meat while cooking, or swing the spit away from the heat and stop the motor and then insert the thermometer to check the internal temperature. It responds very quickly and will give a reading in 5-10 seconds.

Stainless steel.

Cleaning instructions

Do not immerse in water. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Do not use dishwasher.

Thermometer tips

See our tips for thermometers here.

Dimensions: 9 x7 x0.5 cm