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Auspit, The Best Quality Portable Spit Roaster Available

The Auspit cooking system is the most portable, easy to operate and compact outdoor rotisserie spit on the world market. The Auspit gives versatility as a portable rotisserie spit for use over campfires on riverbanks, on the beach, out in the extreme bush or at home.

To compliment this our range of innovative accessories includes Spitmate™, Firedishes, Firetrays and our unique Squeezeloc Spikes™ allowing you to produce a gourmets delight of cooking in any location from the backyard to the great outdoors.

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Design concept

The design concept of Auspit is based on over 40 years’ experience in the tough Australian outdoors and sets the following benchmarks in design criteria for the best and most functional camping gear, campfire cooking, portable rotisserie spit or outdoor cooking equipment available on the open market.

Auspit is 100% designed and made in Australia.



The ability to pack down and interlock into each other and fitting into a one piece carry bag for transport ease.



To have the least spit roast equipment performing as many campfire cooking functions as possible thereby not having to take the kitchen with you.


Ease of operation

To perform the role allowing for maximum convenience, quality, innovation and safety.


Multi heat

To be able to use all forms of heat sources from wood, charcoal, solid fuel, LPG and electricity, covering all outdoor cooking locations or fire restriction applications.


Hygiene/Ease of cleaning

The use of 304 stainless steel on all campfire cooking components. Hand wash and dishwasher safe.



To obtain the finest of flavours with simplicity and to produce restaurant class cooking in meats, vegetables, nuts and ingredients in any outdoor cooking location you may find yourself in.


Full heat control
  • A "swing-away" action for easy carving, addition of product and safely away from heat or campfire cooking smoke.
  • The rotisserie spit action reduces fat content, for a lean, full flavoured and low fat meal.
  • Patented Squeezeloc Spikes to hold your product with the greatest ease.
  • Light-weight, portable, and easy to assemble.
  • Comes complete in its own sturdy and compact Aussie tough carry case.
  • Purpose-made rotisserie spit drive motors built to our specifications for trouble-free operation.

The Auspit also utilises food-grade 304 stainless steel on all food contact surfaces, so that cleaning and hygiene for all your outdoor cooking are kept to a premium.

The unique, wood fired spit roast flavour delivered every time by the Auspit is unmatched by any flat steel plate or long trusted camp oven. The delicate outdoor smoked flavour will leave your taste buds wondering "does it get any better than this!"


The Auspit is for everyone, from the backyard to the bush, whether you’re camping, hunting, fishing, caravanning, and trail bike riding or having friends over for an unforgettable outdoor cooking experience at home. The Auspit brings people together to enjoy a vast variety of good company and great food. It’s the MUST HAVE cooking system for every occasion!

The Auspit is the ready to go solution to your cooking needs, accessories can be added according to your requirements or budget. The Auspit is complete and ready to go, all you need is the food and the fire.

Auspit Products in Action

A support post installed in a hole drilled into the brick floor in front of an open fire in an Australian house. Note the Firetray installed on the Post to catch fat dripping from the pork crackling, yum!

At the beach a variety of items cooking on the Squeezeloc spikes and on the Spitbars and Spitmate. The Spitbars swing away from the fire to easily add or take off food, and slide up and down the Support Post for heat control and stay supported by the Postclamp.

Camping in the bush. Note that prawns, chicken pieces, pork chops, vegetables in Spitmate medium and roast cooking at the same time.

Auspit products Cooking for a big party

All using the Auspit Basic kit with the Firedish 1200, 8 roasts on the go plus 2 Medium Spitmates, and the billy held up with the Swing Arm.

Auspit Firedish used as a warming firepit

Pictured is the largest Firedish at 1200mm. 750mm and 900mm also available all in stainless steel with detachable screw on legs. Great for sitting about during and after cooking on those cold nights outdoors.


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